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20 years of mortgage payments!

Twenty years ago, I was living in a two bedroom home with two children.  When the kids were getting old enough that they needed their own rooms, (one girl and one boy) I started house hunting.  I found a place that I really liked and beings that my first husband had decided that he just really didn’t like Ohio winters, working to provide for his family, and coming home to the same people every night, he picked up and moved to Texas leaving me to figure out parenting on my own.


I did it!  I went to work, paid all the bills each month and spent the hours off work, cooking, cleaning, and raising the kids.  I loved it because I love my children.  I found the place I wanted and asked my dad to go to the bank with me.  He did.  I bought it.  I eventually remarried and started getting help from my current husband.  (Glad to say I don’t think I’ve mowed but a hand full of times since.)  But back to the topic at hand.


When our friends and neighbors started refinancing every time the interest rates dropped, we watched.  They borrowed more and more each time.  It was nice watching them add on, build nicer decks, add beautiful fences, and pools, hot tubs, all kinds of things.  We didn’t.  Our loan stayed the same and when everyone in the area started losing their jobs, each of our friends and neighbors started worrying.  Again, we didn’t.  The time came and we both lost out jobs.  We started worrying. But our payment was still way lower than everyone else’s.  Three neighbor’s have lost their homes and property, two have sold and moved away.  We cut back on everything but were still able to keep up for our payments and the other necessities, forgetting about most luxuries.


We’ve looked forward to today for 20 years.  We went to the bank, with out last payment and walked inside.  Never missing a payment, never being late on a payment, we were proud.  I told the teller that we were there to pay off our mortgage and she looked at me like I had just started speaking another language.  She looked at our payment book and laughed after she input out account number.  “That will be $2,740.00.”    I nearly fell to the floor.


Their explanation was different with each person that I was able to talk to.  Six different people, six different explanations.  The last one was.  “Well, it looks like in 2005, you missed 7 payments.”  I’d had enough.  I’m completely confused on how this could happen.  How could they say I missed 7 payments when I have the receipts setting on the desk in front of them?  Then it changed to “oh, this is all late fees.”  EXCUSE ME! THE RECEIPTS ARE DATE STAMPED BY YOUR TELLERS!

“Oh, I’ll need 3 to 5 days to request a print out of your payment history.”  The last lady said with a smile.

Is the underlying cause for all this mess and anguish that we aren’t actually suppose to ever pay off a mortgage?  Each person that we talked to actually offered to refinance or extend the loan.  Please someone explain this to me.


Did Hillary really mislead the American People?

Just reported on Fox News (the only fact reporting station I get) that Hillary Clinton, (I won’t say flat out lied) mislead the American people and those at the Benghazi hearing about what she knew, did, and didn’t do.  Must run in the family.  She saw that her husband suffered no consequences for “misleading” “lying” to congressional folks and the American people.  (I did not have sexual relations with that woman.)


I understand that we are all different, what I see as wrong, you may see as acceptable.  Things that i would never do, you may do every day.  Things I do every day, you may never see yourself doing.  But, come on, Is there any circumstance that lying is acceptable?  (Yes, you look great in that suit.), (No, I hadn’t noticed you’d put on a little bit of weight.)  In a committed relationship, shouldn’t complete honesty by part of the foundation?  Shouldn’t you be able and comfortable telling you husband or wife anything?


I’ve been married nearly 20 years and I can actually tell what my husband is thinking by  looking at him.  Those silent conversations have sometimes gotten a bit heated, and other times, been just what I’ve needed at a certain time.  It’s not something that’s happened over night, it’s something that we’ve both worked long and hard to achieve.   So, when my husband says something like, “Are you wearing that today?”  I know, It must not have the look I’m trying to portray, I change.  He didn’t have to tell me that it looked bad or didn’t flatter me.


Oops, there I went again.  My point?  Will Hillary ignore that we know this information and still continue to show her lack of care, and run as if it never happened?

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s in the news

By now we’ve all heard and seen more about the Boston Marathon bombing than anything else.  I’ll admit, I’ve been listening to all of it.  But I have to ask, is the fact that the media is putting everything they hear or think they hear, out there, such a good thing?


For years we all grew up knowing that there were secret agents that jumped in and did what was needed to keep us all safe.  In my neck of the woods, we’ve always called them Spooks.  They were the ones that did the unspeakable to those that would do us harm.  Now known as “water boarding” and other such tasks.  But, that we even know about water boarding, I’m here thinking we know too much. We’re told too much.  The media reports too much.


In this situation, I really do feel that all the videos that the people were making are helping to find the bombers.  And in this situation those that were there are actually beneficial to the investigation.  But on the other hand, in everyday life. I have to ask if knowing as much as is put out there, is a good thing or not?

Days aren’t long enough.

Have you ever found yourself with more than humanly possible to get done in just one day?  I thrive on those days.  The time just seems to pass so quickly and before you know it, your list is all marked off.  Then, on the other side of that coin, there are those days that you think you can get everything wrapped up and actually get home a little bit early.


Something else always seems to pop up and get added to my list of “Today”.  Personally I’d rather find myself in the days with a full list and I know from the get go, that I’ll have to schedule everything else that pops up for another day.  Then if time permits, I can go ahead and tackle the new tasks.


I know this was a short post, just a thought that’s been running through my head today.

Convenience or silly?

There’s a small carry out slash gas station about three miles from our house.  There really isn’t many days one of us don’t run up there for something or other.  Gas for the mower, tiller, cycles, dirt bikes, or 4-wheelers. I’ve found myself in the middle of fixing dinner only to discover that there’s a few drops of milk in the fridge, so I either ask my husband to run up to the store or (I know this isn’t the best thing to do) I’ve been known to put everything on low and hurry up and back.

Some evening, we’ve had a sweet tooth and one of us has run up there for a candy bar or some kind of snack.

Today, I was doing my regular bi-weekly grocery shopping and I saw the owner of the store pushing several carts and filling them up with items to sell at the store.  Just smack me for not really watching prices when I run in and grab this or that.  If they are stocking that store at the same place I go to the grocery, them I’m actually paying their marked up price.


Is running to that little carry out convenient or silly.

Convenient:  Saving me from running all the way into town and dealing with the traffic getting across town, passing several places that my car seems to think it’s suppose to pull into every time it sees them, and then there’s the fact that running into Walmart for one or two items never ends with just those one or two items.


Silly: I’m paying much more than I would have, if I’d just gotten what I needed while I was in town.

What do you think?

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half.

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What were they thinking?

A group of men spending day after day in a room laying out the format for what would become and enormous civilization.  The foresight they had to have.


With generation gaps seem from our grandparents to our parents to ourselves.  Those of us that have been lucky enough to have memories of our great grandparents have even a wider gap to see with our own eyes.  I consider myself extremely lucky in this aspect.  Until I was an early teenager, I can remember several greats attending family gatherings.

One was my grandmothers father.  We called him Granddaddy.  I can remember thinking to myself, “Wow, he’s old and stuck in those times.”  But, now, as an adult, I don’t see him as stuck in his times, but experienced.  He’s done things, seen things, and knew first hand what worked better.

I think that way about the Founding Fathers of this country.  They may not have been as old as Granddaddy was, but I think they must have been experiences and very wise men.

They’d seen first hand what could and did happen when King George had and used too much power.  They’d seen first hand how friends of King George were receiving power and foes of King George were tormented, belittled, and often times flat out done away with.

Sounds like something we’re going through now, doesn’t it?

What are they thinking NOW?

I can only imagine.