Judge rules that “morning after” pill should be over the counter.

According to Fox News, CNN, and other media outlets, a judge in New York has ordered that the Food and Drug Admin. make the morning after pill available as an “over-the-counter” type of sale.  In my own opinion, I’m very displeased with this.  I can’t go into the local Rite-Aid to purchase cold medicine for myself or my family without having to ask the Pharm. Tech. for it.  It’s kept behind the counter for a reason, and I understand that reason.  My understanding is that something in the cold meds was being used to produce recreational drugs.  In the attempt to prevent this action, cold medicines are no longer available to walk in, pick up, and purchase. 

So, now, let me get this straight.  We are hindered from accessing cold medicines because the powers at be, fear we will use it to produce drugs to get high.  But on the same turn, the fact that recreational sex is okay?  Just take this morning after pill and you wont have to worry about a baby.  PONDER PONDER PONDER!

What has happened to our society when parents are not even attempting to teach their children any form of morals?  Ladies, young girls, and any woman that were never taught by a set of loving parents, I’ll tell you right now.  IF YOU DON’T WANT A BABY, KEEP YOUR LEGS TOGETHER!  There are so many different types of protection out there readily available to everyone, if you aren’t smart enough to  protect yourself, then you aren’t smart enough to be spreading your legs. 

My words to parents are, teach your children.  Love your children enough to teach them morals.  Granted, they are not all going to listen.  But they deserve the chance. 

Perhaps this is that New York Judge’s way of thinking he’ll prevent more and more generations of people on welfare, food stamps, and medical cards.  Wouldn’t it be better to start kicking some of the dead beats out of the system?  Unemployment is up to 99 weeks for those Americans that have tried to work and provide for their families.  Perhaps public assistance should follow the same guidelines.  After all, it was designed to be a helping hand when families found themselves in need, not a career goal for generation after generation.



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