Are we turning into a communist society?

I can remember learning about a time in our history when people were drug out of their homes, jobs, and really anywhere they were, and accused of being connected to the communist party.  People’s lives were destroyed by this, whether they really were or not.  Now, we have the anti-leaders friends vacationing in Cuba of all places.  From my understanding, it is illegal fir Americans to spend money in that country.  Sure we have control over Gitmo, And we have American servicemen and women there.  But I’m also sure they aren’t spending money there.  

With the newly released photos of Beyounce’ and Jay Z, whom we all know are besties with the anti-leader, celebrating their anniversary in an area that they weren’t supose to be.  One has to ask the questions.  How were they able to do this?  Did the Anti-leader pull strings for his friends to enable them to do what they want?  Are the White House’s favored visitors on a secret mission to learn and bring back communist tips to their friends in Washington?  Are the United States going to discover the need to stand up and fight our own government, because it’s clearly attempting to toss the hard work of our founding father’s out with the daily garbage.  

In my opinion we the people are really getting close to be challenged by our own government.  Are there enough of us hard working, God fearing, tax payers to stand up for this country?

It’s just my opinion and we all know opinions are like butts, we all have one.



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