I love rainy days!

Never really being one to enjoy the great out doors, (until I got involved with my feathered friends) I used to set in house and wish for rainy days.  Partly because as a child, when it was raining my sister and brother would have nothing better to do that stay inside with me.  

My terrible allergies may have a role in this type of life style.

So, when my daughter called me for our morning chat and I heard my grand daughter in the back ground assuring her mother that she was watching the storm on the radar, I had to laugh.  It’s really not funny, sometimes I wonder if my daughter is turning my grandchildren into little paranoid storm watchers.  We’ve been out in the yard playing and a nice strong gust of wind will blow threw and they both take notice and run for the house demanding that we turn on the weather channel.  “Must be a storm brewing!”  They’ll say.  I love that but still think it’s odd.

My favorite things to do on rainy or stormy days is to breath deeply and watch around me.  All that rain is actually washing the gunk off the trees, flowers, and weeks that make me sneeze and my eyes run with tears. I believe it’s God’s way of washing away the nasties.



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