The Zombie Apocalypse is here! Just not like what you think.

Image  The Zombie Apocalypse is here!  Just not like you are thinking.  In most all of the Zombie movies you see people without brain function walking around in a daze looking for brains or flesh to feed on.  Those Zombies have a need and are going to do what ever it takes to be fulfilled.  

The modern day Zombies also have a need.  They are walking around in mindless stupors in search for what they want.  Free housing, free medical, and free all you can eat food stamps which are generally sold or traded for the most current flavor of the month drug and or alcohol to make them even more Zombiefied. Even the luxury items that those of us working stiffs enjoy are items that are wanted. These modern day zombies are being handed for free, to them.    Every one of us that pays for our house phones and or cell phones are actually paying for the Obama Phone the Zombie pictured above believes is free.  

What ever happened to the idea that you get what you work for?  Has it been replaced with; Come follow me, and all your needs will be taken care of?  

No matter what you go to the doctor for, these days, it seems to me that you are actually depressed and the doctor whips out his or her prescription pad and writes you out a pass on life.  <Oh, your spouse of 60 years had passed, you’re depressed.  Take a pill.  Of course, he or she has passed, if you’ve been married that long you’ve got to be 80sh.  Death is a part of life and I’m sure you are going to miss him or her but did you really believe he or she would live forever?>  <Oh, I’m sorry your team didn’t win enough games to be in the superbowl, you’re depressed, here take this pill.  Life has it’s ups and downs, we can’t always all be winners.  Someone has to come in second.>  <Oh, you fell and scraped your knee, that tells me that you won’t be able to run as fast or as far as the other kids for a few days, you must be depressed, here take a pill.  Learn now that life isn’t a “bowl of cherries” to use a wonderful woman’s words.  Some people just have to fall into the pits, you get up, brush yourself off and get back into the game that is life.>  

If children are not taught when they are young, that life has it’s ups and downs, and how to deal with them, they will no doubt, become additions to these modern day zombies.  Walking around, mindlessly, waiting for someone to give them a handout.  (free housing, free medical, and free food.)  Here, you have snot running down your chin, let me wipe that off and clean you up.  Here, you have crap on your legs because you’re too lazy to wipe your butt after taking your morning crap, let me clean you up, you poor lazy piece of crap.  

Too many people walking about mindlessly and numbed from every day life has helped lead up into the modern day Zombie Apocalypse.  Put down your drink and deal with the life you have.  It may not be the greatest but you have had every opportunity that I’ve had to make it that way.     Throw away the anti-depressants and learn to deal with the life you’ve set yourself up for.  If you don’t like, change it.  Get off your butt and find a job, it may not be the job you would like to have, but there’s always room for moving up and bettering yourself and your situation.  You will find a certain amount of self respect when you go into the grocery and pay with your own money instead of mine.  And that will just keep growing until one day you are self sufficient and able to stand on your own for a change.

If you are so hooked on the Zombie-nation, go out and rent a movie or flip your tv to AMC and watch The Walking Dead.  It WAS meant for entertainment after all, not a lifestyle.


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