What were they thinking?

A group of men spending day after day in a room laying out the format for what would become and enormous civilization.  The foresight they had to have.


With generation gaps seem from our grandparents to our parents to ourselves.  Those of us that have been lucky enough to have memories of our great grandparents have even a wider gap to see with our own eyes.  I consider myself extremely lucky in this aspect.  Until I was an early teenager, I can remember several greats attending family gatherings.

One was my grandmothers father.  We called him Granddaddy.  I can remember thinking to myself, “Wow, he’s old and stuck in those times.”  But, now, as an adult, I don’t see him as stuck in his times, but experienced.  He’s done things, seen things, and knew first hand what worked better.

I think that way about the Founding Fathers of this country.  They may not have been as old as Granddaddy was, but I think they must have been experiences and very wise men.

They’d seen first hand what could and did happen when King George had and used too much power.  They’d seen first hand how friends of King George were receiving power and foes of King George were tormented, belittled, and often times flat out done away with.

Sounds like something we’re going through now, doesn’t it?

What are they thinking NOW?

I can only imagine.




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