Lost and Found

A few weeks ago I started sharing my thoughts on this blogging site.  I was really pleased with some of my writings and thought I was doing a good thing.  If only one person could benefit from what I was writing, (mostly about lessons learned and experiences) then I would be happy and content.  In truth I was getting a bit concerned, because I wasn’t really getting any comments.  I had seen where people were starting to follow my blogging and I was tickled with that information.  Then today I had a few minutes between appointments, (the reason I hadn’t written in a while) as usual for this time of year and my work.  I had comments that I hadn’t seen.  I read them and my spirits were so lifted that I had a hard time setting still.


I’ve been busy but I’d also lost the feeling that anyone could ever benefit my what I had to say.  However, today, this changed.  I’m honored that people are reading my blogs and hope and pray that I can be helpful and understood.  Therefore my inspiration has been found.


I don’t mean to sound like the absolute worst President the United States of America has ever known, by my comment above of “Even one person” finding benefit in my writings.    We all know how wishy washy that man is every time he opens his mouth, and I sure wouldn’t want anyone to consider me in the same Lame/Uneducated group as he.  For anyone that can boast about saying he would do what it took to save even on child from being murdered in what I call cowardly acts of violence and then turn around and praise abortions and refer to children (what I see as Gifts from God) punishments.  I am proud that I’ll never have the misfortune to be in the same room as that man.  He can sure start a healthy lost/found list.

I’ll get it started for him:


American Credibility

American Freedoms

American financial stability

American respect



Heavy handed bullying

Ways to rig even the most trusted election process for centuries

Ability to evade answering direct questions

Talent to lead one of the largest counties down the drain in only a matter of years.


I’ve gotten off track.  Lost and Found was to be about me.  Not the incompetence of the Anti-Leader.

Thank you for reading my blogs.


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