Where to bury the bodies?

Startling photo of the Boston Marathon bombers

Startling photo of the Boston Marathon bombers (Photo credit: Ninian Reid)

The Boston Marathon Bomber #1 is dead.  I heard a report that the cause of death was gun shots to the torso and blunt force trauma from being run over by his brother, also known as Boston Marathon Bomber #2.   I don’t pretend to know much about or understand the Muslim faith.  I’m a Christian and that’s my faith so I do know about my own.  I personally don’t believe in cremation but others do.  I don’t believe in Same Sex relationships, but others do.  I don’t believe in abortions, but others do.

I’m not going to  put my two cents in where I know nothing about the topic, but I will ask a question.  This is how we learn, isn’t it?  In my faith, I believe that once a person dies, his/her soul is removed from his/her body.  (I believe this because that’s what I’ve been taught all my life, and I’ve seen it.  When my Grandmother passed I was there, her life filled body was one thing then as it turned into a lifeless body, it was completely another.  Same with my Grandfather.)  Both were people of strong faith but I don’t believe that they were taken right then, just because of their faith, I believe that’s the process.

With Bomber #1 being dead, and being of the Muslim faith, do you also believe that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord?  Does their God say the same thing?  IF so, what’s the big deal as to where Bomber #1 is buried?  He is clearly no longer connected to his earthly body.   Osama Bin Ladin was dropped overboard at see because (I believe the powers that be, didn’t want to take the chance that his followers would dig up his body and turn it into a shrine of some sort.)  If I recall correctly, the media reported that this wasn’t actually following his beliefs.    ANOTHER question:  Beings that we didn’t really take his faith into account, why on earth would we take Bomber #1’s?  This man was brought into our country by his parents claiming asylum, the very people that brought him here for that reason traveled back and forth to the country they sought asylum from, he and his siblings were raised on the backs of working Americans, fed, clothes, schooled, medical coverage, and even accepted into everyday life and activities.  Instead of contributing to the American Dream, they took from it, and the two brothers paid America back by bombing a sporting event where literally thousands of Americans would be.  They set a bomb down next to a child.  All while their parents were conveniently visiting the country they sought asylum from.  Hum?


Much like the Benghazi cover up, this Boston Marathon Bombing situation was attempted, by some, to be minimized by the current administration and his faithful following news media.  Let’s see what comes of this.  Perhaps our golf playing, beer drinking, party with the celebrities POTHUS will step in and suggest a solution.  LOL  What Am I Thinking?  It has nothing to do with balls, (golf or basket) there’s no beer at a picnic table involved, and Ja Zee aren’t interested in this story.  They’re too busy planning another trip to Cuba.



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