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How well do we really know our friends and neighbors?

This morning I woke up, took my blood pressure medication, and turned on the TV.  Just like I do every morning.   Steve, Gretchen, and Brian weren’t talking about the Boston Marathon Bombers, they weren’t talking about tomorrow’s Benghazi hearing, they were talking about a home in Ohio.  That caught my attention real quick.  It was Cleveland, Ohio.  About four hours north of me.  I sat down on the couch and watched as they told of three young women that had been abducted over a decade ago.  They’ve been found, rescued, and they are alive.

From the details we are hearing, on the news, they’d been kept by three men, (brothers) for all this time.  I can’t even imagine what they’d gone through.  Well, I guess I can, some.  One of them has a six year old daughter.  As usual the authorities are holding the particulars close to their chests, (as it should be.) 

With the current economic situation the United States finds ourselves in, it’s often that we find ourselves with new neighbors.  People we’ve known for years have lost their financial footing and had to either sell their homes or lose them back to the bank.  Causing an influx of new people moving in and some times, moving back out quickly.  As sad as it is to say, (admit) I’ve found myself not real eager to cross the street and meet them.  (A few times, I’ve been glad that I hadn’t, but that’s something for another posting all together.)  I’d venture to say that the very next house has a new family in it and if they hadn’t called across the fence first, I probably wouldn’t know them.  


Before the economic crash we knew every family on the road.  We knew where each other worked, what they did at work, and what hours they worked.  We knew what days each family did their grocery shopping and even where they all preferred to shop.  We all knew each other’s decor’ themes and color schemes, information that came in handy around Christmas and birthday times.   Not to mention that when spring storms come around each year, the houses with basements became the place to be.  I don’t think, anyone could have gotten away with kidnapping and holding someone, let along three young ladies, hostage.  Now, I am afraid to say.  We have learned the sounds of all the new neighbor’s cars/trucks, we know about what time we should be hearing the leave for work or return from work, but we really don’t know them.

Sad situation.

Do you know your neighbors?  Would you be able to spot something out of whack with them?