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Eric Holder investigates the Department of Justice?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck; IT’S A DUCK!

If it looks like another scandal, sounds like another scandal, and smells like another scandal; IT’S ANOTHER SCANDAL!


Plenty to talk about while millions of Americans gather in backyards, parks, and family dining rooms on this Memorial Day weekend.  Call your congressmen and women and let them know that WE THE PEOPLE are not finding this Scandalous Administration acceptable.


Convenience or silly?

There’s a small carry out slash gas station about three miles from our house.  There really isn’t many days one of us don’t run up there for something or other.  Gas for the mower, tiller, cycles, dirt bikes, or 4-wheelers. I’ve found myself in the middle of fixing dinner only to discover that there’s a few drops of milk in the fridge, so I either ask my husband to run up to the store or (I know this isn’t the best thing to do) I’ve been known to put everything on low and hurry up and back.

Some evening, we’ve had a sweet tooth and one of us has run up there for a candy bar or some kind of snack.

Today, I was doing my regular bi-weekly grocery shopping and I saw the owner of the store pushing several carts and filling them up with items to sell at the store.  Just smack me for not really watching prices when I run in and grab this or that.  If they are stocking that store at the same place I go to the grocery, them I’m actually paying their marked up price.


Is running to that little carry out convenient or silly.

Convenient:  Saving me from running all the way into town and dealing with the traffic getting across town, passing several places that my car seems to think it’s suppose to pull into every time it sees them, and then there’s the fact that running into Walmart for one or two items never ends with just those one or two items.


Silly: I’m paying much more than I would have, if I’d just gotten what I needed while I was in town.

What do you think?

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half.

English: A Snickers candy bar, broken in half. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)