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Wow, there’s so much in the news right now.

There’s literally so much in the news right now.  Most, I might add, is centered around scandals involving the Obama Administration.  Mike, was the first to put out there that he didn’t see Obama finishing out his second term.  I’m anxious to see who jumps on that wagon.  Don’t get me wrong, here.  I look forward to that happening, or not happening as it should be.  But we have to ponder of the other side of that coin.  


Obama v/s Biden.  Both, in my own opinion are about as sharp as the flat end of a nail.  Obama has spent nearly five years doing everything he could, (between golf games and parties) to destroy America and everything we stand for.  And his side kick, well there just any way to sum him up in one post.  Let’s just remind everyone about my favorites.  

A) If you find yourself being raped, just pee on the rapist.

B) If you think someone is trying to break into your home, step out on the balcony and fire both shells from a double barrel shot gun.  (never mind the fact that the assailant will know you are now unloaded.)


However If Obama is impeached, perhaps someone in Binden’s fan club would step forward and say something to the effect of.  “You know, the American people just impeached your buddy, you might want to think about actually buckling down watching your P’s and Q’s.  And for heaven sake, don’t every open your mouth without someone else telling you what to say.  Never, and I mean never, speak for yourself.”  The days of patty cakes are over, it’s time to pull yourself into the job that you hold.  

What do you, as my reader, think?