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Who will throw who under the bus first?


Whistleblowers (Photo credit: cool revolution)

Clearly the Benghazi cover up is falling apart.  The lies are unraveling like a two hundred year old sweater that’s been hanging on a cat’s scratching post.  Another round of hearing was held on Wednesday with three so called “whistle blowers”.  In all reality they are actually only people that had first hand knowledge of what when on.  Yes, they were coached and warned NOT to discuss the actual facts with certain members of congress.  But these men were able to see through the smoke that was blown at them and had the courage to go against the “Bully Machine” and tell the truth.


Now, mearly days later there are more and more so called “Whistle blowers” willing to step up and add to the facts that were brought into like on Wednesday.  Today, Friday, May 10th, 2013, Jay Carney had what had to have been the worst day of his lying career.  Personally, I was waiting on someone in that room to ask the question:  Was the compensation for you and Susan Rice Lying to the American people monetary or perks?  That didn’t happen but I have a feeling it will soon enough.


Now the BIG question.  With more and more evidence coming out each day, who will be the first to throw the other under the bus?


Hillary Clinton has high hopes for a White House run in 2016.  If the Anti-Leader also known as the Commander and Chief of the Free world, that he has done everything he can possible scheme up in his little organized mind to destroy, speaks up first, that could be a potential problem for her.  She could possible come out smelling like a rose if she spoke up, told the truth about what and when she knew what she knew, and use the fact that she resigned to put some distance between herself and the Lie Master.


The Anti-Leader is in his second term, (The reason the cover up was so needed) and History will judge him eventually.  If he speaks up before Hillary, he could still save himself for the books and throw her under the bus.


I’m anxious to see what happens next and who speaks up first.


Proof positive?

After watching as much of the Benghazi hearing as I could, beings that it wasn’t shown in it’s entirety on a channel that I get, I’ve concluded that:


Hillary Clinton was informed at 2AM (8pm Washington time) that this was indeed an attack, no mention of a riot or demonstration.  Yet, she and the Anti-Leader continued passing it off as a demonstration that got out of hand sparked by a youtube video.  Who in their right mind can sleep at night after believing anything that those two said as we all watched the caskets unloaded and carried into that hanger after knowing they couldn’t care less about any of us.  They have an agenda and they aren’t going to let anything get in their way.  


The highest offices in the country knew well in good that this was again an attack and still were perfectly fine with sending Susan Rice out to inform the public that it was a demonstration sparked by the video.  This administration had to cover their back sides because they had too much at stake with the election coming up.  If they could get enough of the low information voters to be satisfied for just a little longer, they’d deal with everyone else later, after the election.  IF NOTHING ELSE CAME UP THAT THEY HOPED WOULD DISTRACT THE REST OF US.


Someone ordered that two different rescue attempts were told to “Stand down”  They didn’t want anyone else knowing what was going on, thus creating less people that could eventually speak up and tell the truth?


Anyone and everyone that had first hand knowledge of the actual happenings during the attack were told “NOT TO BE INTERVIEWED BY OVERSIGHT PANEL”  Is this because they had something that the powers at be, wanted hidden?


THE WORST THING TO COME OUT OF TODAY’S HEARING WAS THAT THE DEMOCRATS ON THE OVERSIDE PANEL ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO SUPPORT THAT WOMAN IN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016.  She can flat out lie and double talk to distort the facts and attempt to distract from the point and still show her face in public.  What happened to the times when Woodward and his buddy blew the top off of Nixon?  OH that’s right, The Anti-Leader has succeeded in making the majority of the lowlifes uninformed tax sucking pieces of &%$! that he is the Pied Piper and following him will put them all in the position of never having to lift a finger to help themselves.  

 I have to end this one because I’m getting overwhelmed with fact that so many of my brothers and sisters in this once great nation have become mindless rats willing to follow along.

Illustration from The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Illustration from The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)